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.NET is capable of transforming the object type into COM Automation's VARIANT and the reverse, when going through the p/invoke layer.

VARIANT is declared in python's that comes with comtypes.

What's cool with the VARIANT is it's a wrapper that can hold many things, including arrays of many things.

With that in mind, you can declare you .NET C# code like this:

[DllExport("printstrings", CallingConvention = CallingConvention.Cdecl)]
public static void PrintStrings(ref object obj)
    obj = new string[] { "hello", "world" };

And use it like this in python:

import ctypes
from ctypes import *
from comtypes.automation import VARIANT

dll = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary("test")
dll.printstrings.argtypes = [POINTER(VARIANT)]
for x in v.value: