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The GetDeviceProperties method is documented like this:

Uint32 GetDeviceProperties(
  [in, optional] string                  devicePropertyKeys[],
  [out]          Win32_PnPDeviceProperty deviceProperties[]

So here is a sample code to call it with C#:

foreach (var mo in new ManagementObjectSearcher(null, "SELECT * FROM Win32_PnPEntity").Get().OfType<ManagementObject>())
    // get the name so we can do some tests on the name in this case
    var name = mo["Name"] as string;

    // add your custom test here
    if (name == null || name.IndexOf("(co", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) < 0)

    // call Win32_PnPEntity's 'GetDeviceProperties' method
    // prepare two arguments:
    //  1st one is an array of string (or null)
    //  2nd one will be filled on return (it's an array of ManagementBaseObject)
    var args = new object[] { new string[] { "DEVPKEY_Device_BusReportedDeviceDesc" }, null };
    mo.InvokeMethod("GetDeviceProperties", args);

    // one mbo for each device property key
    var mbos = (ManagementBaseObject[])args[1];
    if (mbos.Length > 0)
        // get value of property named "Data"
        // not all objects have that so we enum all props here
        var data = mbos[0].Properties.OfType<PropertyData>().FirstOrDefault(p => p.Name == "Data");
        if (data != null)