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If you don't want to use P/Invoke by yourself, you can still use the internal System.Security.AccessControl.Privilege class, using Reflection mechanisms, like this:

    // => privilege = new Privilege("SeCreateGlobalPrivilege");
    // this is for .NET Framework
    var privilegeType = Type.GetType("System.Security.AccessControl.Privilege");

    // this for .NET Core and above (you need to add the "System.Security.AccessControl" nuget package)
    var privilegeType = Type.GetType("System.Security.AccessControl.Privilege, System.Security.AccessControl");

    var privilege = Activator.CreateInstance(privilegeType, "SeCreateGlobalPrivilege");

    // => privilege.Enable();
    privilegeType.GetMethod("Enable").Invoke(privilege, null);

    // =>  privilege.Revert();
    privilegeType.GetMethod("Revert").Invoke(privilege, null);

I'm not sure it's really better, because it's more or less a hack, not supported et al., but ok, it's easy for lazy guys :-)