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I don't know what is the value of parameters that must be set, but I know the types of these parameters.

First one is a int32, second is a VARIANT reference, third is a array of BSTR. VARIANTs must be initialized and cleared after use, BSTRs must be allocated (a BSTR is not a OLECHAR *) and freed after use.

So, beyond the real semantics of the method, you can call it like this:

VariantInit(&data); // undercovers, this will just zero the whole 16-bytes structure

// ... do something with data here

BSTR ver = SysAllocString(L""); // you should check for null -> out of memory
pIiTunes->Authorize(1, &data, &ver);

// always free BSTRs and clear VARIANTS

If you use Visual Studio, there are cool Compiler COM Support Classes that ease VARIANT and BSTR programming considerably, as you could rewrite all this like this:

_variant_t data;
_bstr_t ver = L"";
BSTR b = ver;
pIiTunes->Authorize(1, &data, &b);

Visual Studio also provides a library called ATL that has other wrappers. Using them is similar:

CComVariant data;
CComBSTR ver = L"";
BSTR b = ver;
pIiTunes->Authorize(1, &data, &b);