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For those like me who don't need or don't want ADO.NET, those who need to run code closer to SQLite, but still compatible with netstandard (.net framework, .net core, etc.), I've built a 100% free open source project called SQLNado (for "Not ADO") available on github here:

It's available as a nuget here but also available as a single .cs file, so it's quite practical to use in any C# project type.

It supports all of SQLite features when using SQL commands, and also supports most of SQLite features through .NET:

  • Automatic class-to-table mapping (Save, Delete, Load, LoadAll, LoadByPrimaryKey, LoadByForeignKey, etc.)
  • Automatic synchronization of schema (tables, columns) between classes and existing table
  • Designed for thread-safe operations
  • Where and OrderBy LINQ/IQueryable .NET expressions are supported (work is still in progress in this area), also with collation support
  • SQLite database schema (tables, columns, etc.) exposed to .NET
  • SQLite custom functions can be written in .NET
  • SQLite incremental BLOB I/O is exposed as a .NET Stream to avoid high memory consumption
  • SQLite collation support, including the possibility to add custom collations using .NET code
  • SQLite extensions (.dll) loading support
  • SQLite Full Text Search engine (FTS3) support, including the possibility to add custom FTS3 tokenizers using .NET code (like localized stop words for example). I don't believe any other .NET wrappers do that.
  • Automatic support for Windows 'winsqlite3.dll' (only on recent Windows versions) to avoid shipping any binary dependency file. This works in Azure Web apps too!.