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Here is a 100% free online tool "MagnumDB" for "Magical Number Database" that contains about 350,000 constants (integers, strings, guids, etc.) parsed from the whole Windows SDK files (~6,000 files), that you can query by value and by name. Disclaimer: I wrote it after years of searching for constants, names, guids...

Here is the result for -1073741819 which maps to 3 different constants (with the same value and the same meaning) defined in 3 different files, the most common being STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION.

enter image description here

And for -1073740777 which is STATUS_INVALID_CRUNTIME_PARAMETER defined in winnt.h.

enter image description here

It supports integers, signed integers, unsigned integers, hexadecimal notation, and also raw text searches. It also knows the value of constants that are defined by operations (like c2 = c1 + 1).