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In "get-type" interface methods (like IObjectWithSite::QueryInterface, IObjectWithSite::GetSite, IMoniker::BindToObject, etc...), because it wouldn't change anything, you'd have to cast anyway, except when you do require an IUnknown* reference, but you already have it because ... you're using it (the IUknown* reference is always the same pointer per COM rules).

IObjectWithSite::SetSite is a "set-type" method, so it makes more sense to give you an IUnknown* reference.

It's probably more arguable in some static methods like CoCreateInstance or CoGetObject I think they could have put IUnknown** there instead of void** but then, they would have two different styles. And you wouldn't be able to use the old IID_PPV_ARGS macro that's so practical to use, and recommended as a coding practice to avoid type cast errors.

I suggest you get a copy of the authoritative "Essential COM" from Don Box, and read up to page 60 (at least :-).