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Actually, if you search for all classes containing BitVector in the .NET framework, you'll find a bunch of these beasts :-)

  • System.Collections.Specialized.BitVector32 (the sole public one...)
  • System.Web.Util.SafeBitVector32 (thread safe)
  • System.Web.Util.SimpleBitVector32
  • System.Runtime.Caching.SafeBitVector32 (thread safe)
  • System.Configuration.SafeBitVector32 (thread safe)
  • System.Configuration.SimpleBitVector32

And if you look here were resides the SSCLI (Microsoft Shared Source CLI, aka ROTOR) source of System.Configuration.SimpleBitVector32, you'll find this comment:

// This is a cut down copy of System.Collections.Specialized.BitVector32. The
// reason this is here is because it is used rather intensively by Control and
// WebControl. As a result, being able to inline this operations results in a
// measurable performance gain, at the expense of some maintainability.
internal struct SimpleBitVector32

I believe this says it all. I think the System.Web.Util one is more elaborate but built on the same grounds.