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You can just declare the following properties to the entity:

<cf:property name="LastWriteTime" typeName="datetime" persistenceName="_trackLastWriteTime" readOnLoad="true" readOnSave="true" persistent="false"/>
<cf:property name="CreationTime" typeName="datetime" persistenceName="_trackCreationTime" readOnLoad="true" persistent="false" />
<cf:property name="CreationUser" persistenceName="_trackCreationUser" readOnLoad="true" persistent="false" />
<cf:property name="LastWriteUser" persistenceName="_trackLastWriteUser" readOnLoad="true" readOnSave="true" persistent="false" />
  • persistenceName should match the column name. This is the default column name but it could be different in your context. The property name is not important, only the persistence/column name.
  • persistent = false means the property is not persistent. This instructs the inference pipeline to not create a column corresponding to this property (because in fact it has already created that column).
  • readOnLoad = true and/or readOnSave = true means all layers will load and/or save this property, although it's been marked as non persistent.